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Hello. I am happy to say that after 20 years progress, the Beta Version of DreamSpinnerSoft.com is now open to my friends and will be tested to see if any major bugs exist. Dreambjo.com/word is the forum and blog for people using DreamSpinnerSoft.com.

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DreamSpinner TM is a versatile, flexible and powerful program built to store, organize, and manage your dreams as well as your dreamwork, dream artwork, dream poetry and journals using both Left and Right Brain approaches to dreamwork. Finally, a way to explore patterns in your dreams over time, content analysis if you wish, and a way to link all your dreamwork comments, notes, articles you have read related to dreams, artwork, poetry and stories to specific dreams and/or categories (metaphors).


  • I love dreams and wrote mine down in many volumes of dream books. I incubated a dream for finding a new way to be able to work with dreams. This dream told me to find words within words in the dreams. I got dreams of knots math theories. From these and other dreams, I shaped the idea that all words in a dream carry meaning and I needed to find the patterns in dreams and the amazing linking of these dreams (all of them) intertwined like a maze or net of interconnected nodules, or knots. This led me on a search to find all this. I tried to connect patterns manually in my dream books. It was a daunting task. Then I read the book, “The Meaning of Dreams” by Calvin Hall, Director, Institute of Dream Research, McGraw-Hill Book Company, copyright 1963, 1966. I then found the book “Finding Meaning in Dreams: A Quantitative Approach” from G. William Domhoff, New York: Plenum Press, 1996. Print. Later I found the 1966 book, “The Content Analysis of Dreams,” by Calvin Hall and Robert van de Castle. I found the large body of work involving the Hall Van de Castle coding system. I had found my true home. This style of working with dreams felt right for me. As I devoured everything I could read about content analysis, and specifically the Hall Van de Castle (HVDC) coding system, I began to feel a lot was missing. For very good reasons the HVDC coding system was narrowed to specific categories. For research purposes, they needed to keep the focus on an efficient and reliable code that could be replicated so others were getting the same kind of data. However, my dreams told me to find meaning in a seemingly chaotic body of work.
  • In 1996, I came up with the idea of creating a software package that could help me do just that. It took decades of researching and exploring until I created DreamSpinner as it is now. Other articles and tutorials will show more detail about how I did this.
    DreamSpinner would not have come to fruition without the hard and excellent work of Calvin Hall and Robert Van de Castle. I am indeed standing on the shoulders of these giants. I am grateful for their hard work.
  • In 1996, I discovered the International Study of Dreams Association and went to their yearly conference. I went to Bill G Domhoff’s presentation and introduced myself. I talked with him about what I was trying to do, get the HVDC coding content analysis in digital form and increasing the categories. We had a long and cordial talk. He then introduced me to Robert Van de Castle. He told him of my endeavors.
    There is much more to be told, which will be found on Dreambjo.com/word, the companion website for community building among dreamers. So here we are at the opening page. This is the Registration Page. If you are new, please Log in. If you have already registered Sign In here.

        • Here is where you create your User Name and your password. This will get you into your personal DreamSpinner website where the DreamSpinner engine is set up to receive your information, password protected and for your eyes only. Each user will create their own special DreamSpinner website just for themselves to see and use. For your user name, use a nickname not your legal name. For your password, use random numbers, letters, both small and capital, or symbols like @,#,$,%,^,&,*? to create a safe strong password. Be sure to write them down and keep in a secure place so others can’t come into your personal DreamSpinner database without your permission. After you have entered your user name and password, the Dreams List page comes up.

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