Using DreamSpinner Step by Step

Using DreamSpinner™: Step By Step

Recording Your Dreams
DreamSpinner™ opens immediately to the Dream Window so you may begin by entering your dream. Click on the “Create New” button, which opens the dream narrative page. You may type in or cut and paste your dream into the form. After you have finished, spell check it for errors. This is crucial. Then click on the save button. This places your dream into the DreamsList, so it is now in your own personal database. You can then immediately click on the DreamWork button to open the DreamLinking window.


In order to do subtle and complex searches of your dreams, you must first link each word you want to explore in the dream narrative to a root word with the meaning you are using in this instance. These root words are hooked to one or more categories for speedier answers to your dream questions.

Editing The Underlying Structure

Because DreamSpinner™ is so versatile and flexible, the user can add, delete or edit new root words, categories or definitions at any time. One way to do that is to use the Edit (Word Dictionary) button to the right of the dream title you are working on.

DreamWork Window

Anytime you have thoughts or insights about the DreamWork you are doing, you can click on the DreamWork button below your narrative at the bottom of the Enter Dreams narrative page. A new comment box will come up. Double click on the empty text box. Enter your dreamwork comments as you would a text file in Microsoft Word. When finished, click on save. Your work is saved and linked to the dream you designated in the Link boxes above the text window.

Searches and Queries

Use the Dreams List search box to create Dream Sets, Highlight a word, rootword or category you want to look at.
Use the DreamWork and Knowledge Base Articles in the right brain tab to add additional information related to a dream, or word, or rootword or category or theme.

Right Brain Processes

Use the Right Brain Menu buttons to enter the Journal Window or the Poetry Window. You can copy and paste images, audio sounds and video as soon as my programmer gets that set up. We hope to have a media gallery at your disposal soon.

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