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Boy, Being in Beta Version for 18 years seems a bit excessive! Some of those years were because of my drop in interest and money to make it happen. I about gave up. In 2012, I returned to the DreamSpinner project and did a number of IASD (International Association For The Study Of Dreams) presentations in a attempt to prove that it is a viable research tool as well as viable for single users as well. I made some progress I believe. In 2012 I also signed on an excellent programmer to change the DS (DreamSpinner) program from a MS Access stand alone program to a web based database program using Java Programming language, at a website called DreamSpinnersoft.com. Today it is still not made public, because the process of completing the transformation was slow and not yet easily usable by others.

My programmer had to move on from the Ds project because of full time work commitments with his day job and the wonderful expansion of his family. I spend months trying to find another programmer. I did find one, but because of personal concerns he was unable to fulfill the programming duties. It took a few months after he took on the job to come to that conclusion. I spend a few more months looking for yet another programmer.

I found a 3rd programmer who has good experience in JAVA programming language. He then had a computer hardware problem and the holidays ensued. So things have been at a stand still for way longer than I had planned on.

I became so desperate I even began a Java for Basic Beginners online class, for free. I purchased three basic beginner books for Java programming and can now print whatever I want, starting, of course with “Hello World” program. For someone who thought she couldn’t understand programming or math, I am managing OK. It will be months before I have learned enough to do any programming on DS myself, but at the rate things are going just to get a programmer, it might end up being the fastest way. Not to mention more financially viable for me.

I hope I live long enough to actually see DreamSpinner fully functional and being used by multiple users. meanwhile, I continue my own research with the parts of DS that are working, although it is a slow process because so many pieces still are not functioning.

So even while I am trying to get it more functional, I am also looking at ideas for how to improve on it’s user friendly quotient. I got good advice from other dream researchers at my presentations. Specifically to make it very simple to use. And to make it faster to use. Not going to be easy. I sure wish they would make some break troughs with natural Language Programming. I fear my thought processes are often described as convoluted. In other words I begin with elaborate and complicated ways to do something and then eventually work it down to a workable solution.

Example: Problem: Turn on light.

1st Solution: Involves a series of Rube Goldberg devices and events to knock a candle wick end of a candle sideways such that it lies at the edge of a fire in a fireplace so that it lights. First, find tree, find axe, return to tree with Axe, fell the tree, remove any broken objects the tree accidentally fell on, go into town to rent a horse drawn wagon, stop by feed store, so can feed and water the horse, trot back to the tree, fill the wagon with logs for fireplace, return home. Return to store to buy matches. Return home. Create the pully system that will deliver the candle to the lit fire. Return to store to purchase a bowling ball to start the cascade of events that tips the candle over. Build the fire.

Final Solution: Walk to wall where light switch is, apply appropriate pressure to switch and presto, Let there be light!

You see the problem.

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