DreamSpinner’s Dreams List


  • After you have registered and logged in, this will be the first page you see. This is a blank Dreams List page since you are just starting.
  1. Let’s look at the buttons on the Dreams List Page.
  2. Click on the green “Create New” button and the Enter/Edit Box shows up. After you have completed entering your first dream in that box, you will return here to see the list of the dreams you have entered. This is an important window. It is where you will add each dream.
  3. The blue button will Autolink all the words already determined to have only one definition, and can be linked all through the dream or dreams you have, which is a great time saver. These are usually grammar words, or Pronouns. Examples are: I, he, she, her, his, hers, it. Then the grammar words are: is, was, were, weren’t, could, should, would, couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t, am, in, out, up, down, and so on. Check the Worklet dictionary if confused. Linking a word means you are connecting the root word to a specific definition. Because I chose to use the root word without the syntax endings, I had to give each root word a number to differentiate the different definitions. Some words only have one definition. Some words have 2 or more definitions. Some words have up to 100 definitions and everything in between. There is a more thorough explanation on the Linking Tutorial.
  4. On the right side is a search box to call up any dreams using one or more words to describe what you want to find. A simple search is made and any dream with the words in the search box will be presented as a smaller list of dreams that have that or those words in it. You can search by date, Title or words, phrases or sentence from the dream narrative (body) of the dream. More on complex searches will come later.
  5. On the left side, under the Create New Button and the AutoLink Button is a small drop down list to determine how many dreams are on the page and can all be searched at once. It says Select (Drop Down box with the numbers you want to use such as 25, 50 ,100, 500, ALL), entries. It saves time if you don’t want to select all of the dreams.
  6. There is a question mark to the right of the Search Box which calls up the Dreams List Tutorial.
    1. This is the way the DreamList looks when you have been adding dreams for a while. There are six columns.
    2. Date column: You can search by Date. Click on the word date where the up/down arrows are. It changes the information to be either ascending or descending order.
    3. Title column: Click on the word “Title” and it will shift from ascending or descending alphabetically.
    4. Link Status column: shows the status of your DreamLinking of a dream. The choices are Yes, Partial, or No. Yes means you have completed the linking you want to do on the dream. Partial means you have linked some but not all and are not finished yet, and No means there are no links yet. Linking is a process where you can “link” a word in the dream narrative to it’s correct definition or category for easier searches. Find more about Linking on the Link Button question mark.
    5. Linked Words column: shows you how many words you have linked in that dream.
    6. Total words column: shows how many words are in this dream. Dream Researchers using HVDC coding (Hall Van de Castle coding) will find this very useful. Beginners will not have to worry about it.
    7. Completed Column: tells you if you have finished doing the linking in that dream and is marked Completed with a Yes. If it shows a “no” you have not finished the linking process in this dream. You might have partially linked it and awaits for you to return to finish it.
    8. The Colors of each dream listed designates its status.
    9. Yellow means the dream Linking is completed on this dream.
    10. Blue means the dream isn’t finished with the linking process.
    11. White means no linking has occurred.

    Below the form are three search buttons.

    1. Title Search Box: Use this box when you are searching for all dreams with a specific word in it.
    2. Status Search box: Choose Yes, Partial or No in this box. It will then show only the fully linked dreams, the partially linked dreams or dreams with no links in them.
    3. Completed Search box: This gives you two options: Yes the dream is marked completed or No the dream isn’t completed.

    The Last line at the bottom shows:

    1. On the left side, it shows how many dreams are displayed on this page and how many total dreams there are.
    2. On the right side are the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the pages.

    On each dream entry line above, there are four important green buttons.

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