Dream List Link Button

  • Dream List Link Button: This pulls up the Linking Page where you can see what social interactions were linked in this dream. This is very helpful if you are doing HDVC coding for content analysis. Further information on the Linking Page this goes to.
  • Linking Page Tutorial

    Welcome to DreamSpinnerTM, where you can play with your dreams using both Left Brain logical, or Right Brained Intuitive approaches if you wish. The Linking page is a left brain content analysis way of working with dreams. You can use it as little or as much as you desire.

    If you are curious and want to explore your dreams by searching for specific metaphors you need do only a little bit of the linking process, which is a way to make a trackable connection between a word in your dream narrative and one or more categories in the DreamSpinner Dictionary.

    For Example, if you are curious about how many dreams you have of your boyfriend or girlfriend, or any other person in your waking life, you can do a simple search of their names in the DreamsList page. It will pull up a list of the dreams that have those search words in them. You can then explore those dreams one by one.

    If you are curious what emotions are in those dreams of the person or thing you are exploring, then it might be more helpful to use the Linking page as well. Do your simple search for the person or thing you are curious about, use the dreams list to click on the Link button connected to that dream in the list. This opens the Linking page where you can choose any word or words to link to the category Angry, or Sad or Love whichever one you are interested in exploring. Once that is done, you can use DreamSpinner to process the count.

    If for example you are interested in only dreams with food in it you can process that in the same way.

    If you are interested in exploring more in depth to be able to observe the changes over time with any metaphor you are interested in following it requires more linking.

    It can be as small as linking a few themes or metaphors or as large as a full content analysis of a series of dreams. Users can be individuals exploring their own dreams to a research project using the Hall van de Castle content analysis coding system and anywhere in between.

    It doesn’t even have to be dreams. Linguists, psychologists and counselors, social work field studies, anthropology field studies can be studied using DreamSpinner.

    Now a word of full disclosure. All the processes in DreamSpinner are fast except the Linking Process. The technology that creates Natural Language processing isn’t yet up to the needs of this program. When it is, we will incorporate that. Right now, the linking process requires the brain of a human to determine which meaning of the word (definition) should be linked to which category. The process is faster than the manual coding of the HVDC coding process but not as fast as people want it to be.

    I have set up as much automation as I can to make the process less time consuming. We will continue to improve the process.

    So let’s take a look at the Linking Page and how it works.

    1. On the DreamList page, click on the Link Button attached to the dream you wish to work.
    2. The Linking page comes up. The dream date, title and text are shown here. The dream narrative is shown in one sentence per line. If the user has a tendency for long run on sentences, it is possible to make shorter sentences which are easier to link by back spacing to the DreamList Page and clicking the edit button and editing the sentences to your satisfaction. Try to do this before you link or you undo the work you had done on that sentence.
    3. User will see any autolinked words or previous links made as blue highlighted words. The rest of the words are ready for you to choose which ones you want to link. Click on a word and the dialogue box comes up showing any rootwords and their definitions and the category path they are linked to, already linked to this rootword in other dreams.
      1. If you find the correct definition (meaning) for this word on the list you can click on it and click Link Button if there is only one of those words in that dream.
      2. The Link All Button if there are also duplicates of that word in this dream.
      3. The Add Rootword if a new one is needed here. This opens the dialogue box for that action.
      4. If you see a phrase you want to link, you can highlight those words as long as they are in the same sentence. For example, the phrase swimming pool. You can create the title of the word to be swimmingpool1, giving it the syntax of swimming pool.
        1. If you had previously been linking a single word like pool and it has links you don’t want to lose you then change the name pool9 which means swimming pool to swimming pool1 and add the syntax of swimming pool to its title. This allows you to like both syntaxes, pool9 and swimming pool1 as one word.
      5. Click Cancel if you change your mind to return to the linking page.
      6. There is also a Nuance button to click on if:
        1. You find a meaning or metaphor you wish to track that isn’t attached to a word in the narrative.
        2. This is also used when you wish to notate the setting in the dream (Example: Indoor, Outdoor, Ambiguous) (Familiar, Unfamiliar, Questionable or distorted). This is from the HVDC coding system.
    • It is also useful to track the Social Interaction Direction (Example: You link the word hit to a Social Interaction A6, Physical Harm category. Now you want to track who hit who. Dreamer to Other, Other to Dreamer, Other to other, Mutual or Reciprocal. If you are doing Hvdc coding this is from the Hall Van de Castle coding system.
    1. When finished with Linking the dream, you click Finish button, whether you have fully linked all dreams or only did the ones you want to and skipped the rest. You can always return to the dream and continue linking other words if you wish. These words are saved as linked and further linking of the other words will not disturb that.
    2. If you want to double check your work, you can click on the Status button on the DreamsList Page. This opens a table of all the words you linked, their definitions and Category paths, including the Nuances you created.
    3. The Nuance button opens to a new page. It is showing the Dictionary (Categories and Rootwords) already in the dictionary. Example: If you want to link a Social Interaction Direction, you will scroll down to the Social Interaction Direction. Click on the white square next to it, which opens the category to display a second set of Subcategories. Choose the heading that fits for your situation (Dreamer To Other) and that opens into the 3rd level of categories which has headings like A1, A2, A3 etc. Choose the one correct for the situation and click Select Button. You are returned to the Linking Page.