Dream List Enter/ Edit Button

  • Dream List Enter/Edit Button: This brings you into the Enter/Edit box for this dream.
  • Here is where your DreamSpinner Dream Journey begins.
    Step 1

    1. Click on Create New button. This opens into the Enter/Edit Dream form.
    2. Whether you are a beginner, a casual user, or a dream journalist, or dream researcher, or anything else, usually this is the starting point of your adventure in DreamSpinner. It helps to give a Date, a Title and the Dream Narrative in order to track it.



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  • Give a date of the day you had the dream as best you remember. Use the format 07/02/2015 or you will get a gentle dialogue box requesting the correct format.
  • You need to give your dream a title. If it runs too long you will get a gentle dialogue box requesting you to shorten your dream title. A part of your right brain dream work is trying to summarize the important parts of the dream like feelings, actions or who into a Title. I find just glancing down the list of Titles in the left side column gives tantalizing hints of the sorts of patterns and struggles you dream about.
  • Then click on the large dream text box and press enter and type in or copy and paste a typed dream from your word processor.
    1. It is important to double check spelling errors, typos and some punctuation marks like hyphens and apostrophes or quote marks. Sometimes it gets read as a part of a root word. That isn’t good. Delete apostrophes unless they are in a contraction like “can’t, won’t and so on.”
    2. There are several ways you can correct such errors during the DreamLinking process or by correcting them in this Enter/Edit form and clicking on Update button if by chance you miss an error.
    3. When you are satisfied the dream is ready to be entered into DreamSpinner, click on the Update Button.
    4. This dream will be added to the Dreams List Page. Use back arrow to see the Dreams List.
    5. You can also delete this dream, or any dream in the list by clicking on the edit button to the right of the dream you want to delete and click the Delete Button in the edit window.



    At any time you are reading your dreams, and see a typo or a misspelling you can reenter the dream to edit those problems. It is best practice to do the editing before you do any linking of the words in your dream narrative. However, sometimes you make a mistake and did not notice the problem until you have linked the words in your dream for content analysis.


    1. Click the Edit button.
    2. This opens the edit window. You will see the Date, Title and Narrative of your dream.
    3. Make your edits, then you must choose save, delete, or cancel.
    4. If you had already linked this dream some of the words you already linked in the sentence where you made your edit, will be unlinked. To relink those words in your dream narrative, click on the Link Button next to the dream you just edited in the dreamslist. This opens the linking window.