The dictionary is the heart and soul of DreamSpinner. All the words used in the dream dictionary are made into rootwords. These root words can be connected (linked to) a specific definition.These rootwords with their definitions live in a category hierarchy. It’s how we live our lives. It is similar to genealogy.The hierarchy of my family tree is similar to the hierarchy of our linguistic units called “words;” I am a human unit named Bjo Ashwill, the words that identify me as a singular unit in the family tree. My Parents are Melvin Ashwill and Betty Jean Ashwill. My two brothers, David and Forest Ashwill and my sister Leslie Ashwill are my immediate family group. I have married and so created a subcategory under my parents with our daughters, their spouses and my grandchildren and their spouses, and on it goes. I see this as a similar process with dreamworking. We all use the same language- oops, an incorrect assumption. There are many different languages. Within the singular unit is a very complex connection.
You can read the Dictionary three different ways.You can search by words, rootwords or categories.