Content Analysis In DreamSpinner

Dreams can seem mysterious, hard to understand. People have been trying for centuries to try and understand them. I see them as plump well packed stories. Because dreams are put together by our unconscious mind while sleeping, our industrious brains fold them up so you can get more clothes into a suitcase. If you are a good packer of suitcases you know there is an art and a science to putting things together to fill that volume of space.It is sort of like an umbrella opening. When folded, all the ribs and the cloth are curled up in a plump package as well. Then you open the umbrella and a large cloth of rain resistant material makes a lovely cover for our head and shoulders. When you are done using the umbrella, you close it up folding the ribs and cloth into a tight roll to store it away. I see dreams working like that. So when the dreams are folded, all the bits touch each other in a closed and packed state. When opened we can see the form of the umbrella. We understand it better. I feel doing dreamwork is like unfolding the umbrella. Unpacking the suitcase. Cooking a cake. It begins with different ingredients all in separate packages and when blended together