IASD Presentations Of Beverley “Bjo” Ashwill

Papers presented at IASD Conferences.

Counting The Things That Go Bump In The Night Over Time

By Bjo Ashwill, MS, LPC
Bjo Ashwill, counselor, educator, performer, writer and dream worker for over 20 years created the computer dream text analysis software package “DreamSpinner”. Bjo’s collection of dreams spans 25 years and has inspired her plays, poems and other writings. For any comments or feedback on this article, please Email Bjo Ashwill.

Dictionary By Category

The Dictionary By Category was formed in two ways. I studied the Hall Van de Castle coding and content analysis and used the categories they created. However, I created DreamSpinner because I loved the content analysis they were doing, but it wasn’t enough for me. I was following the ideas I formed when I incubated…

2003 Mutual Dreaming Contest Research Project Narrative

For two years now, The Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD) has hosted a Psiber Dreaming Online Conference where dreamers participated in Mutual Dreaming, precognitive dreaming and telepathy in dreams. Each year, there was a Mutual Dreaming contest as well as other dreaming contests. This year, a number of participants were curious about how…

2012 Group Remote Viewing Game Single Dreamers Networks

Here are the 40 dreamers single networks of the 2012 Group Remote Viewing Game. 2012 GRVG 1F Network2 2012 GRVG 2F Network 2012GRVG 3F Network2 2012GRVG 4M Network 2012GRVG 5F Network 2012GRVG 6F Network 2012GRVG 7F Network 2012GRVG 8F Network 2012GRVG 9F Network 2012GRVG 10M Network 2012GRVG 11F Network 2012GRVG 12F Network 2012GRVG 13F Network…